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8 Common Gauge Failures

Learn about the most common gauge failures and how to prevent them in your facility

Preventing Gauge Failures Tech Talk

The reality is gauges can fail. When gauges fail, the quality of your system and what it produces is at risk from the loss of that data and the resulting effects of too much or too little pressure in the system. Understanding why gauges fail and recognizing the indicators is the first step to preventing failure and selecting the right gauge for your application.

In this tech talk led by Brent Aldridge, our local on-staff engineer and Swagelok Certified Trainer, you will gain foundational knowledge that will help you minimize and solve the most common gauge failures.


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Topics Covered Include:

  • Basics of Pressure Gauges
  • 8 Common Failure Types
    - Causes, Risks, and Solutions
  • How to Specify Gauges for your Application  

Additional Resources to Support You

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8 Common Gauge Failures

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