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Swagelok North Carolina | East Tennessee

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Commitment to Quality


Swagelok North Carolina | East Tennessee follows a stringent Quality System known as the Swagelok Quality System (SQS) which is similar to ISO 9001. We are SQS certified, with an unrelenting commitment to both upholding our quality system and honoring our six core values.  

We know we must anticipate and respond to customers' changing needs to achieve excellence. We work hard to earn customer confidence with every product and every service. We are relentless in our pursuit of continuous improvement and finding the balance of value, service and quality. We must not disappoint our customers. When it comes to quality, we will never rest.

We develop organizational excellence and quality through innovative process improvements, training, measurements and development of customer and associate satisfaction programs.

Utilizing voice of the customer and our Value Impact Partnership Program, we gain valuable insight from our customers to ensure we are meeting their needs at the highest level. We seek and incorporate customer and associate feedback to continuously improve our performance and the quality system's effectiveness.