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Swagelok North Carolina | East Tennessee

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Orbital Welding

Achieve quality welds on stainless steel tubing or other alloys upon request. Our welders are certified in ASME Section IX standards. One of the many benefits of working with our fabrication shop includes our dual in-house Swagelok Orbital Welding station. 

Having two weld systems gives us more capacity to have two welders welding at the same time.  This is extremely beneficial when multiple assemblies specify welding, or if an opportunity has many welds and two people can work on it at the same time.  It's also useful to train associates and customers, and can be used for customer demonstrations.

For projects requiring a consistent and efficient approach to welding, the Swagelok orbital welding system offers precision and control for intensive projects.


Interested in how our Swagelok Orbital Welding station can improve your projects? Contact us today 
Are you using a Swagelok Orbital Welding Station or considering purchasing one? Learn about our Swagelok Orbital Welding Seminar that will help you gain comprehensive knowledge of the equipment and techniques used in orbital welding.