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Swagelok North Carolina | East Tennessee

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Fabrication Capabilities

Fabrication Capabilities
Maximize your team's profitability with our fabrication capabilities.
Start with some of our most widely known products: valves, regulators, gauges, flowmeters and manifolds. Add the expertise required to put together the components into a solution you can use. We will pull from our extensive, local inventory and order any necessary parts. We will also source and integrate any non-Swagelok products into your assembly, as required. The results? Custom component, assembly, and enclosure fabrication.

Our Fabrication Capabilities

How Can We Help?

Are you tasked to do more with less? We can work with you on small or large assemblies, consisting of a few components or a complete panel or enclosure. Our team will follow your design or work with you to develop a new or revised one. Learn more.

Don't know where to start on your next big project? We are here to help your projects run more smoothly. Contact us today to get started.

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