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Steam Valve Selection Tech Talk

Steam Valve Selection Webinar

When selecting and installing the correct valve for your system, you must understand the application the valve will be used in, the internal leakage rates, life expectancy, and much more. In this webinar, Swagelok Steam System Technical Expert, Kelly Paffel, focuses on steam valve selection to ensure code compliance.

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Topics covered include:

  1. Overview of all valves used in steam - Overview of the types of valves used in the steam system, steam applications and what type of valve to use in each as well as the operational design of each valve
  2. Knowing the codes to ensure proper valve compliance - What codes apply, how to ensure a safe operation valve, application information needed for code compliance and material selections including temperature and pressure relationship
  3. Leak rates for valves - Knowing the internal leakage rates for valves and why it's important
  4. How to achieve a reliable valve - Life expectancy and what makes a valve reliable
  5. Installation of steam valves - Best practices
  6. Overview of control valves - Knowing turn down capabilities and best practices for the installation of control valves
  7. Testing steam valves - How to test valves using today's technology


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