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Tube Fitting Essentials Tech Talk

Watch our latest Tech Talk series discussing the importance of ensuring the safety of your fluid system and having a proper installation procedure.

Tube Fittings are a critical component in ensuring the safety of your fluid system. Watch our latest Tech Talk, discussing why it's important to consider the design of the tube fittings, how it will perform, and the importance of having a proper installation procedure.

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Topics to be Covered Include:

  • Identify parts of a tube fitting
  • Discuss and demonstrate proper installation and reassembly procedures
  • Understand the differences in tube fitting designs, components and the importance of proper assembly
  • Identify thread types and installation practices

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Swagelok Resources

Fitting Image-Sitecore 001

Identifying Fitting Thread Size and Pitch

Learn how to identify thread size and pitch on Swagelok fittings using a caliper, pitch gauge and thread identification guide.

Fitting Image-Sitecore 002

Tube Fitting Installer's Guide

Swagelok tube fittings 1 in./25 mm and smaller can be installed quickly, easily, and reliably with simple hand tools.

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