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Swagelok Hose Selection Webinar

Hose Selection Webinar - Doug Nordstrom and Aaron Lindrose


Choosing the right hose can make all the difference in system performance and future maintenance hassles. Learn from Senior Product Manager, Doug Nordstrom and Hose Technical Service, Aaron Lindrose on how to select the right hose for your applications. 

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Topics Covered Include:

• Background on hose types
• Advantages and disadvantages of various construction materials

• Routing considerations
• Common issues with installing hoses
• Dynamic applications

Minimizing permeation in PTFE hoses
• Parameters that impact permeation
• How to improve permeation performance

Forming the convolutions in a metal hose
• Common fatigue failure mode
• Improving the life cycle of metal hose


Doug Nordstrom, Senior Product Manager for Hose: Doug started his career with Swagelok as a manufacturing engineer in 1995. In the years that followed he worked on various products as a project manager in New Product Development.

In 2006 he transitioned to marketing where he was the Chemical and Refining Marketing Manager for eight years. In 2014, Doug moved into product management where he has spent his time managing Swagelok's regulators, valves and hose product lines. In this role, Doug is responsible for the strategic business development of Swagelok's Hose Service Group.

Doug has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University and an MBA from Kent State.

Aaron Lindrose, Hose Technical Service Group: 
Aaron started with Swagelok in 1995 in High Purity Operations. After nine years in High Purity, Aaron transitioned to Hose Technical Service in 2009 to help facilitate the integration of Swagelok's fluoropolymer line of hoses.

In his Hose Technical Service role, Aaron is responsible for identifying solutions to customer issues. He also develops and provides training on the technical aspects of Swagelok hose offerings along with supporting Swagelok Sales and Service Centers with their hose needs through customer visits and conference calls.

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