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Swagelok North Carolina | East Tennessee

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Tube Fitting Installation and Tube Bending

Tube Fitting Training

From a two hour course in tube bending to a full day in tube fitting installation and tube bending, we have course options available to meet the unique needs of your business. Build your team's expertise fast with hands-on skills training.

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Tube Fitting Installation Essentials

Ensure system integrity and minimize leakage risks with correct tube fitting selection, preparation, and installation procedures. Attendees will learn the proper way to cut and deburr tubing, install, disassemble and reassemble a Swagelok tube fitting, gauge a tube fitting assembly, and identify basic thread types. Zero leaks and reworks are possible with critical skills training.

Session Outline:

  • Identify parts of a tube fitting
  • Discuss and demonstrate proper installation and reassembly procedures
  • Understand the differences in tube fitting designs, components and the importance of proper assembly
  • Identify thread types and installation practices

Tube Bending Essentials

Bending tubing helps to eliminate mechanical connections, which can be a source for leaks in traditional piping system. Attendees will learn the proper technique and tools to use for tube bending then utilize a CAD drawing to cut, bend, install, and pressure test the tubing runs. 

Session Outline:

  • Discuss tubing variables and how to properly inspect and select tubing
  • Learn cutting methods and proper installation and reassembly procedures
  • Identify the parts and procedures for using tube benders
  • Perform hands-on fixture bending by calculating tubing runs from CAD drawings
  • Properly assemble a box comprised of various tubing lengths and pressure test 

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