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Swagelok Material Science Webinar

Material Science Webinar

Swagelok Material Science Webinar 

Do you need to increase your knowledge in selecting optimal materials of construction for demanding applications? We can help. Join us for a 45 minute webinar led by Dr. Robert Bianco on how to choose proper materials to keep your fluid systems leak tight and operating efficiently as well as how specific alloys resist corrosion, how materials behave and how industry standards impact your material choice.

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Topics Covered Include:

• Introduction to high-performance alloys
• Alloys terms and definitions
• Standard composition of alloys

• Alloy performance in corrosive environments
• Common forms of corrosion
• Examples
• Prevention methods

• Selection of special alloy fluid system components
• Alloy development and evolution
• Focused applications

• Alloys for use in specific corrosive media
• Alloy behavior in acids and other corrosive environments


About the Speaker: Dr. Robert Bianco, Senior Materials Scientist

Dr. Bianco joined Swagelok in May of 2017 as a materials expert and technical lead for Swagelok's Additive Manufacturing Program.

He has worked for nearly 30 years in an applied R&D organization trying to find opportunities for providing value-added solutions to customers such as developing materials for unique applications and protecting materials from degradation in their environments.

Bob earned a B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Metallurgical Engineering from The Ohio State University. Bob has authored or co-authored 12 US/world-wide patents, over 50 technical articles, and 2 book chapters on novel materials or coating compositions and on related performance test results.

Because of his professional success in the industry, Bob was awarded the title of Fellow with the American Society of Materials International (ASMI) and is the Swagelok representative on special committees at ASME, SAE, and SME related to alloy development and the introduction of pressure-containing components fabricated by 3D printing.

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