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Swagelok North Carolina | East Tennessee

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

eBusiness Solutions

Research, request a quote, download a product catalog or complete the purchase process. Maybe you're just looking for a CAD template? Well, we have those too. As your authorized sales and service center, we are here to help you research, specify, and purchase Swagelok® fluid system components in the most convenient way possible. Prefer doing business on the Web? Well, we have a variety of resources to make that process easier for you.

Work with us online—in a variety of languages—at our Swagelok Products eStore. Search for thousands of fluid system components. Request quotes. Buy products and even check your order status. Product catalogs, sales drawings, and CAD templates are all available too.

CAD Template Library
Thousands of CAD templates, right at your fingertips. This time-saving, cost-effective library allows you to access templates instantly. Two- and three-dimensional templates, available in a wide variety of formats, built on demand using up-to-date dimensions stored on the Internet. Swagelok CAD templates are available in multiple languages.

Electronic Data Interchange
We support a full set of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI/EDIFACT) transactions, including quotes, orders, invoices, and acknowledgements. Each EDI system easily and seamlessly integrates with our business system. The benefit to you: faster order processing and no errors.

We support your decision to participate in Marketplaces, such as Ariba® and Trade-Ranger™, with catalog extracts and Marketplace Punchouts/Round Trip. Interested? Contact us.

Thanks to our complete line of customizable eBusiness solutions, doing eBusiness with us is easy. It is eBusiness your way—the better, faster, more cost-efficient way.

Interested in learning more about our eBusiness solutions? Contact us.