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When selecting a valve for your system, the choices can be overwhelming. There are ball valves, diaphragm and bellows valves, as well as check valves, excess flow valves, fine metering, gate, multi-port, needle, plug, relief, rising plug, and safety valves to name a few. Each one of these valves come in many sizes, configurations, materials of construction, and actuation modes. 

In order to make the best possible choice, the first question you should ask is “What do I want the valve to do?”

  • Are you looking for a valve designed for on-off control?
  • Do you want the valve to perform flow control?
  • Do you want a valve that prevents the build-up of system pressure beyond a certain pressure setting?
  • Are you interested in a valve that protects from excess flow if a downstream line ruptures?

This course will guide you through the steps to selecting the proper valve for your application by first educating you on matching valve type to function. Additionally, it educates you on taking into consideration installation issues, maintenance schedule and access; safety and code requirements as well as system parameters, such as pressure, temperature, flow rates, and system media.

Refer to our Training Schedule for upcoming offerings or Contact Us to schedule a course at our site or yours!