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The Swagelok Tube Fitting Advantage

tube fitting advantage

Swagelok is recognized across the globe as an industry leader in fluid systems, a result of expertise which is over 70 years in the making. In fact, the company’s fluid system prowess dates back to Fred A. Lennon developing what is largely known as the highest quality tube fitting ever invented in 1947. Since that time, Swagelok hasn’t looked back as the company has continued to evolve and polish its offering to meet even the most demanding needs of its customers.

What separates Swagelok from its competitors?

Swagelok tube fittings are engineered to perform under pressure and demonstrate unrivaled performance thanks to their unique metallurgy and state-of-the-art geometric design.

There are four critical areas in which Swagelok tube fittings excel:

1. SAT12 Process:

Swagelok's unique SAT12 process utilizes low temperature carburization to achieve a tool-steel hardness which is unparalleled within the industry. Ultimately, it results in a back ferrule which is significantly stronger while at the same time doesn’t compromise corrosion resistance and material ductility.

2. The Big 3:

The Swagelok patented back ferrule geometry provides a "hinging and colleting" action that enables the tube fitting to perform exceptionally well in the three key areas of tube grip, gas seal, and vibration resistance.

3. Ease of Installation:

Each Swagelok connection is as reliable as the next without having to use special tools for installation due to the fact that installing Swagelok tube fittings relies on the precise mathematics of geometry and not shear strength. As a result, installation is a breeze.

4. Tested to Extremes:

Swagelok performs continuous, rigorous testing on thousands of fittings annually in order to produce the safest, most reliable, and highest performing tube fittings in the market. This relentless quest for excellence is what makes Swagelok second to none.

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