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Bloodhound SSC Reaches Major Milestone with Help From Swagelok Products

Bloodhound SSC

Swagelok engineers and components have been intricate in the development of the Bloodhound Super Sonic car, a vehicle which is expected to eventually hit 1,000 miles per hour and demolish the World Land Speed Record.

Essentially a rocket on wheels, the Bloodhound SSC is capable of crossing more than four football fields in a single second. It also boasts more than six times the total power output of the entire field of starters in Formula One combined.

Let that sink in…

This past month, the Bloodhound SSC reached a major milestone by topping out at 210 mph in its first ever public run at Cornwall Airport Newquay in the UK.

The mark was achieved on a 1.67 mile-long runway by accelerating at a rate of 1.5G, and reaching 200 mph from a standing start in merely 8 seconds.

It may not seem like much on the march to 1,000 mph but this was a hugely positive result for the Bloodhound Super Sonic car, and ultimately a culmination of months of private tests. In addition, the successful public runs enabled the team to ensure all was well with the car’s steering, brakes, suspension, data systems and of course, its EJ200 jet engine.

Now, the next goal on the horizon is to hit 800 mph in South Africa.

"It was great to finally see the car in action today," said Richard Noble, Bloodhound project director. "When it comes to the record attempts, we’ve got to get the highest power to weight ratio as we possibly can."

See how Swagelok and Bloodhound SSC have been working together to break records.

Swagelok is proud to be a contributing partner in Bloodhound's record-breaking quest. Click here to take a look under the hood to see the important roles Swagelok components play in the Bloodhound SSC.

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