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Swagelok North Carolina | East Tennessee

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Best Meet Your Needs With Swagelok Custom Solutions

Are you looking for support in building your fluid system assemblies? Swagelok can help, making it one less thing you have to worry about.

Swagelok® Custom Solutions are of the highest quality, unrivaled in the industry from the panels to enclosures.

Custom Solutions can be small or large assemblies, encompassing only handful of components or a complete panel or enclosure. Not to mention, we can utilize your design or collaborate with our tech center to develop a new or revised one.

Ultimately, we work alongside you to ensure we understand the problem and are developing the most comprehensive configuration to best meet your needs.

It’s never too early to consult with our fluid systems experts whether you’re only in the beginning stages of fleshing out an idea or further along in the process. Talk to us today regarding:

- CAD drawings
- P&ID
- Component selection (including sourcing the best parts from other suppliers, as needed)
- Bill of materials
- Professional services, such as bending and welding
- Testing to guarantee the system
- Professional packaging and delivery

Our Limited Lifetime Warranty ensures a professional, repeatable solution, from testing to inspection and packaging, every time.

Learn more about how we can help create the best fluid system assemblies in the market.

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