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Are You Proactive or Reactive In Your Employee Training?

In the manufacturing industry, proper precautions must be carried out to ensure optimal product installation, performance, and safety. However, the reality is that issues will occur and the most important thing is how your employees respond to adversity.

Are you proactive or reactive in your approach to training?

At Swagelok, we encourage our customers to be proactive, meaning you are ready for whatever comes your way because you’ve been tried, tested, and educated through our training courses.

By scheduling a critical skills training class with us, we’ll help teach you the right steps to take in advance of a project installation or before a plant shutdown to ensure everyone is up-to-date on correct installation and maintenance procedures.

Swagelok’s training programs can be held at our site or yours and will equip your employees with the knowhow to assess and take care of a wide range of potential mishaps.

Not being proactive in your training will inevitably lead to employees having to be reactive which could prove to not only be costly but dangerous.

A reactive approach to training means that you may not know how to address a product failure at a plant site or leakage issues until they occur. Obviously, this is a less than ideal technique.

Waiting for a product failure is massive oversight in training.

Ensure your associates are trained on the proper installation procedures in advance of performing the work so we can help eliminate safety concerns, reduce risks, and increase productivity.

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