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Swagelok Tube Fitting Advantage

Over 65 years ago, Swagelok introduced the two ferrule mechanical-grip tube fitting, and has been the standard ever since. Our patented back-ferrule geometry creates a fitting that performs remarkably wells in three key areas: tube grip for pressure containment, gas seal for leak tight performance, and vibration resistance for protection from outside forces. Here is how Swagelok achieves high performance in all three areas: 

Tube Grip: The Swagelok tube fitting hinging and colleting action provides more material of the back ferrule onto the tube adjacent to the tube grip. This extra material provides both direct axial support to the tube gripping function and colleting squeeze of the tube. The Swagelok tube fitting ferrule supports the tube grip, making a reliable leak tight seal.

Gas Seal: A gas seal is achieved by the burnishing or polishing that occurs between the front ferrule and the tube fitting body and the front ferrule and the tubing. This burnishing or polishing action accompanies concentrated zones of contact shown in red.

Vibration Protection: The patented hinging and colleting action directs more material of the back ferrule in close contact with the tube adjacent to the tube grip. The protected stress riser reduces the damaging effects of system vibration.

Available in tube sizes 1/16 to 2 in., the Swagelok tube fitting is easy to install as well as disconnect and retighten and is offered in a variety of materials and configurations. View our most widely used fittings or watch Swagelok Tube Fittings in action as they withstand several extreme tests.