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Gauge Temperature

Common Failure: Temperature 

How do I know that my gauge is failing due to elevated temperatures?

  • Breakdown of the gauge components
  • Discolored dial or liquid case fill

What causes temperature failure in my gauge?

Failure due to temperature can be caused by several things. When looking at your system, consider these:

  • Is your gauge mounted correctly?
  • Is your gauge located too close to system media or accessories?
  • Have you selected the wrong type of gauge? A Bourdon tube system gauge may not be the best fit for your application

Possible Risks

  • Elevated temperature stresses the pressure system an affects measurement accuracy
  • System media will release into the environment resulting in potential injury and lost system media



Select a gauge with a different temperature range to accommodate the possible range the system will see. For high temperature applications choose a diaphragm seal solution in a non-316 stainless steel alloy.

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