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Guage Clogging

Common Failure: Clogging

How do I know that my gauge is experiencing clogging?

A zero pressure measurement on the gauge while the system is operating.


What causes clogging in my gauge?

Failure due to clogging can be caused by several things. When looking at your system, consider the following:


  • Is your media highly viscous?
  • Is your media crystalizing?
  • Is your media hardening?
  • Does your media contain particles or solids clogging the socket orifice?

Possible Risks

  • Completely inoperable gauge
  • Gauge that shows no pressure because no system media or pressure is reaching the Bourdon tube.


Select a gauge using a diaphragm seal for greater flow area. In cases of solidification at lower temperature add heat tracing or insulation to maintain media movement. Add filtration to system upstream.


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